An October Fest of “World Cinema”

An October Fest of “World Cinema”

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If you’ve followed our Tales Told From The RoadMovie Reviews,” you’ll have noted that we focus on films where “place” matters. In other words, location must be a “character” as important as those portrayed by the actors.


The California Film Institutes “Mill Valley Film Festival 36” (October 3-13, 2013) held in Marin County, California, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, features a passel of “World Cinema” movies that will no doubt meet our “sense of place” requirement.

Here are descriptions and trailers of just three of the many entries that have peeked our interest:

Along The Roadside

An award winning comedy/drama about two young people from different parts of the world, their vastly different cultures and their journey of self-discovery during the drive to the largest music festival in California.


I Catch a Terrible Cat

Closing in on his 60th birthday, celebrated author Norifumi Takada is more bottled up than ever. He hasn’t written a word since his wife’s death and believes his writer’s block is probably permanent.

But then he meets Sayo, a barmaid his daughter’s age. Enchanted by her beauty and vulnerability, Takada begins to wonder if he’s found a new muse.


Mt. Zion

Gifted Maori musician Turei has a vision of his future, and it definitely does not involve the hardscrabble existence on the potato farm his family can barely keep solvent.

Turei imagines his group, Small Axe, winning the national battle-of-the-bands prize: opening for Bob Marley’s upcoming New Zealand tour. It’s a goal that will push the boundaries of his frayed relationship with his father and his own personal ethics.

Tickets for this popular, annual event sell out quickly. You can purchase them online, by phone, or in person. Click here for more information on all of the Festival events and films.

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