Travel Photo Thursday: Still Water Photography

Travel Photo Thursday: Still Water Photography

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In last week’s “Travel Photo Thursday: Capturing A River,” I showed three different ways to photograph the same spot in a rushing mountain river.

This week we’ll look three shots of the waters of the same lake.

Mountains Trump Lake

What makes Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park such a wonderful place to be is not the lake itself, but the mountains surrounding it. You can tell that this photo was taken on a lake, but lake is just the stage on which the scenic beauty of the place plays out.

Still Waters Run Deep

This image was shot in color, but then rendered into a black and white photo using Photoshop Elements. Doing so caused the mountains to be a less prominent feature of the photograph while at the same time emphasizing the unmoving, liquid at their bases.

Water White on Still Water

I pointed my camera over the stern of the tour boat as it raced back to its dock on Maligne Lake. The sun was starting to drop toward the summit of the mountains on the lake’s western shore, casting shadows on the peaks on the east side of the lake.

The lake waters, normally a deep blue at that late afternoon hour, became a frothy white “vee”  with a greenish eel-like stripe running back down the centerline of the boat’s wake.

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