Being “intouchable” in Paris

Being “intouchable” in Paris

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The Untouchables.

It must be that movie filmed in Chicago about Elliott Ness, his unlikely friendship with a city cop, and the war they waged against Al Capone during Prohibition.


The Untouchables (The Intouchables; in French with English subtitles).

It’s a movie filmed in Paris about the unlikely friendship between two men whose life tracks probably should have never crossed, but did.

The Intouchables begins with a dramatic night-time car chase scene through the streets of “The City of Light.”

It’s “The Good Guys” (the police) chasing “The Bad Guys” (the movie’s dual and dueling protagonists).

Drugs are involved.

But The Intouchables isn’t some knock-off re-make of The French Connection.

And it’s not a “cops and robbers” or “caper” movie of any sort.

The verbal exchange between “The Ghetto Guy,” Driss, and his employer, “The Richer-Than-Hell Guy,” Philippe, ranges from antagonistic to almost amorous,from condescending to collegial, from sarcastic to sympathetic. And there’s an undercurrent of humor that flows throughout the film.

At times it’s unclear who’s in charge of whose life. Is Driss the “top dog,” or just doggedly going through the motions of his job?

And will either Driss or Philippe finally hook-up with the women they seem to love?

At times, Driss seems at the end of his rope. At times, Philippe seems to be at the end of his life.

Could The Intouchables have been filmed in Boston or Berlin,  L.A. or London, Vancouver or Venice (either Italy or California)?

I don’t think so.

Although Paris seems to be simply the stage on which the story plays out, and the backdrop for the action, it’s really an integral character that adds necessary “character” to the film.

Here’s a sneak peak at the movie along with comments from “critics” like you and me.

“Spoiler alert”: Something really terrible happens at the end of this movie.

It ends.


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