Travel Photo Thursday: “On Golden Pond” Sunset Shots

Travel Photo Thursday: “On Golden Pond” Sunset Shots

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A late afternoon arrival at Manzanita Lake in Lassen Volcanic National Park left me just enough time to haul my gear from my car into the “camping cabin” I would spend the night in, and then take a brief stroll down to the lake, before sitting down to near at the picnic table outside of my cabin.

I was so focused on my meal—and on trying out the “Gourmet” food scene shooting mode on my new Sony RX-100 point-and-shoot camera—that I almost missed the sinking sun turn the lake into an “On Golden Pond” photo op.

I quickly dumped the chicken bones, paper plate and plastic fork into the trash, and ran down to the lake to shoot trees and ducks in silhouette as the sun turned from orange to red as it set beyond the western shore of the lake.

Here’s how the sunset aura over Manzanita Lake changed as dusk fell.

The skies continued to become a deeper red as the sun dipped behind the trees.

Shadows lengthened as nightfall came closer.

When the sun had gone to bed, only a faint reminder of it remained on the lake surface.

(Click on an image to enlarge to full-size. Visit Budget Travelers Sandbox for more of this week’s Travel Photo Thursday shots.)

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11 Replies to “Travel Photo Thursday: “On Golden Pond” Sunset Shots”

  1. That really does feel like “On Golden Pond,” the light you captured is beautiful, nice work on that camera…the dish also looks yummy!

  2. The cabins look really inviting, and the lake looks like a magical place to while a few hours away. Thanks for taking me somewhere interesting this morning Dick on a cold wet morning in Western Australia!

  3. Those ducks looks like they are floating on liquid gold. Lovely photos! I also have a Food setting on my point-and-shoot, and I haven’t quite decided if I prefer it for food shots over the regular setting. Were the Golden Pond photos also done with your point-and-shoot?

    1. Thanks, Michelle.

      I recently purchased a Sony RX-100 point-and-shoot camera. I used it to shoot all of the photos in this post, including the one with the ducks. I edited the photos with Photoshop Elements to bring up the color saturation and temperature, and the contrast. I used the program to crop the photo with the ducks so they filled more of the frame.

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