“This Week in Travel” Visits San Francisco

“This Week in Travel” Visits San Francisco

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Tales Told From The Road publisher, Dick Jordan, found a nice online surprise awaiting him when he arrived home after dining out with friends on Saturday evening: An invitation to spend Sunday afternoon at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco with a star-studded cast of travel writers recording the “This Week in Travel” podcast.

(Clockwise: Chris Christensen, Don George, Spud Hilton, David Lytle, Dick Jordan, Jen Leo, and Jodi Ettenberg. Behind the camera: Ann Hilton. Photo courtesy of Amateur Traveler.

Instead of following the show’s usual format that begins with a review of top travel news stories and ends with tips for travelers, co-hosts Chris Christensen (Amateur Traveler.com) and Jen Leo (JenLeo.com) moderated a round-table discussion between theses six guests:

Listen in on the lively discussion between Dick Jordan and these “travel illuminate,” as Chris Christensen refers to them.

(Although this episode of “This Week in Travel” is audio-only, during most shows co-hosts Gary Arndt, Chris Christensen and Jen Leo, joined by a special guest, broadcast from multiple locations around the globe via live streaming video in a Google+ Hangout on Air; after the broadcast ends, the show is available for viewing on YouTube and also as a audio podcast. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or, better yet, listen to the show with the “This Week in Travel” iPhone app, as Dick Jordan does while working out at the gym.)


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  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for great articles! I would like to listen to discussion between Dick Jordan and these travel illuminate, but the audio is too silent. Is there a problem in my computer or audio is really silent?

    Thanks. Keep up your work!


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