Travel Photo Thursday: “Inside Shots”

Travel Photo Thursday: “Inside Shots”

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Central Library ExteriorOn the way to Southeast Alaska in June of 2008, I stopped off for a couple of nights in my old hometown, Seattle, so I could dinner with friends and visit my aunt before catching a flight to Sitka, the first stop on a two-week trip through the 49th state’s Panhandle.

I hadn’t planned on shooting any photos in Seattle, but I put my point-and-shoot camera on my belt before taking a stroll around town after checking into my hotel. Finding the “innards” of the relatively new downtown branch of the Seattle Public Library intriguing, I pulled out my camera and took these “Inside Shot” photos.

Cindy Enters The Seattle Public Library

Interior Seattle Public Library

Skyscraper Inside Public Library

Escaltor at Seattle Public Library

Reading Room, Seattle Public Library

This latest incarnation of the city’s main library is an architectural and engineering marvel.

But somehow, it’s not quite as challenging to linger in as Sitka’s one (and probably only) library.

Childrens Reading Room Sitka Library

(Click on an image to enlarge to full-size. Visit Budget Travelers Sandbox for more of this week’s Travel Photo Thursday shots.)

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9 Replies to “Travel Photo Thursday: “Inside Shots””

  1. I love interiors like this, it’s fun to play and take a lot of experimental photos and surprisingly a lot of them turn out well like yours!

  2. You’ve worked wonders with the interior of the new library! I just visited there for the first time two weeks ago (you really don’t admit that to most Seattleites who rave about the new structure). My response to the building was, “This is what the hoopla is about?” It is certainly different, but give me Seattle’s Smith Tower any day. . .as I said, you made the interior more warm and inviting than I found it to be. Nice photos.

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