“The Internship” – Is it the best non-job (or movie) ever?

“The Internship” – Is it the best non-job (or movie) ever?

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The Internship is a great movie to see in a movie theater.

Well, at least it’s a great movie to see in a movie theater on a blazing hot day when you can fry eggs on the sidewalk.

If I hadn’t been sweating to death in near triple-digit temperatures outside (and inside my house), I probably would have waited to see The Internship until it came out on DVD or was available from free viewing from my cable TV provider.

So what’s enticing about this movie? It was filmed at Google Headquarters.

The storyline for this flick isn’t complicated.

Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson) are hot-shot salesmen. But the problem is, their jobs are so 20th century. And after they lose them, these 40-something guys are at a total loss about how to kick-start new careers in the era of online commerce.

Billy comes up with what he thinks is a great plan for them to land jobs: Work as summer interns for Internet tech giant, Google.

The problem is, neither Billy nor Nick know anything at all about computer coding.

Despite their obvious lack of qualifications, they finagle their way into Google’s internship program.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the interns are divided into teams that will compete against each other, only the winning team will be offered jobs, and no one wants Billy and Nick as teammates.

More bad news: In a series of “Challenges,” including a game right out of Harry Potter, masterminded by the head of Google’s summer internship program, a team of multi-terabyte-brained interns half the age of Billy and Nick is probably going to was the floor with them, and the young kids that are forced to team up with that pair of aging “losers.”

It’s a classic “Good vs. Evil” battle and, without giving away the plot twists and turns that lead up to the film’s ending, the winners in this contest are pretty predictable.

The Internship features familiar scenes of the San Francisco Bay Area, including the Golden Gate Bridge and the City of San Francisco, in addition to Google’s Mountain View campus.

Some of the movie’s characters, including one who teaches at Google and displays some very sexy dance moves in a San Francisco nightclub, and the Google nerd that she “goes for” who mentors Billy and Nick’s team of tech misfits, are a bit over the top.

And, so help me God, the movie almost convinced me that there really is a Google Help Line that you can phone for assistance with Google products.

But I live in the real world of Google, not one that Hollywood made up.

Here’s Conan O’Brien talking with Vick Vaughn and Owen Wilson about the movie.

Just do a Google search if you want more information about The Internship.

And wait for a blazing hot day to sit in an air-conditioned room, or a cold night to sit in front of roaring fire, to watch this cute little flick.

(The Internship will be available for purchase from Amazon.com. Buying it through links on this page helps Tales Told From The Road continue to bring you a wide range of travel-related stories.)

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