Travel Photo Thursday: Finding The Familiar in Foreign Lands

Travel Photo Thursday: Finding The Familiar in Foreign Lands

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Teddy Bears, Munich Toy MuseumOne of the joys of travel is discovering the new and unfamiliar.

But another joy of travel comes when stumbling upon something very familiar in a land that had seemed quite “foreign” to you.

Toys speak a universal language of love to children, and to adults who have found memories of their childhood toys.

I smiled when I wandered into Munich’s Toy Museum and I saw these two stuffed bears snuggled up against each other. They reminded me of “The Teddy Bears Picnic,” a song I used to hear sung over the radio when I was very young.

So when you’re “on the road,” keep an eye out not just for whatever you’ve never seen before in places where you’ve never gone before, but for those small but important things which will transport you back home while you’re away from home.

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5 Replies to “Travel Photo Thursday: Finding The Familiar in Foreign Lands”

  1. Okay I hate to admit it, but sometimes after a long period away. . .it is nice to see a Starbucks sign. . .sigh. Doesn’t mean I will drink only their coffee, just sometimes nice to be reminded of home.

  2. It is so funny that you posted this because the comment I just made on another Travel Photo Thursday contributor’s site was about how when I say Nha Trang’s (Vietnam) beach, it looked so much like the beaches of North Qld. where we live, that I immediately felt at home. That was weird because the culture was so different.

  3. I think seeing the familiar in an unfamiliar place is especially interesting when there’s a local twist on it. We were dining at a Northern Territory, Australia restaurant, and I could have sworn we were back in Texas since there was so much cowboy and frontier décor.

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