“Man on A Ledge” has a Different View of New York City

“Man on A Ledge” has a Different View of New York City

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NYC Aerial View
(Stock.xchng photo by monomatt)

So you’ve just arrived at your New York City hotel and you’d like to enjoy a high-rise view over the city.

Not a problem. Just open the window, step out onto a ledge, and look straight down to the street, twenty stories below.

By doing so you’d be taking “Extreme Travel” to a level even more extreme than you‘d ever dreamed.

So maybe you should just obtain and watch Man on A Ledge and let its actors perform that death-defying feat instead of you.

Nick Cassidy (played by Sam Worthington) follows the script I’ve just laid out. He checks into his hotel and declines an free upgrade to a larger room, insisting that the smaller one “with a view” will do just fine.

And then, after polishing off his room service delivered “Last Supper,” he calmly leaves the room—by climbing out the window.

Will he step off the building ledge to appease the blood-thirsty crowd changing “Jump, Jump!” on the street 200 feet below, thus creating great “footage” for the cold-hearted TV news reporter (Kyra Sedgwick) and her cameraman eagerly waiting to record a bloody-curdling video clip for the 10 0’clock news?

Man on a Ledge is a thriller with multiple story lines, all of which converge into one dramatic ending.

But how will this tense tale end?

Is Nick really suicidal? If so, what has driven him to consider taking his own life in a fatal swan dive off a Manhattan hotel?

Will Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks), the negotiator who is called in to talk him off the ledge and back into his hotel room, succeed? Will other cops shoot him first? And just who are the good cops and who are the bad ones?

And what is Ed Harris doing in this flick? And what’s the deal with his stolen diamond?

If I answered those questions, I’d be a “spoiler.” Watch the trailer, then get the film.

(Man on a Ledge is available for instant viewing and for purchase in Blu-ray and DVD formats. Purchases made from Amazon.com through links on this page help Tales Told From The Road continue to bring you a wide range of travel-related stories.)

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