Travel Photo Thursday: One Shot, One Place

Travel Photo Thursday: One Shot, One Place

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View CameraA month ago in “Travel Photo Thursday: Take Your Best Shots,” I discussed creating the Ultimate Trip Photo slideshow” for friends and family that would contain no more 20 photos and run no longer than 2 to 3 minutes.

But here’s an even greater challenge. Pick a single photo that on its own defines a place.

Sounds easy. But can you do it?

Water and Wheels

Bridge Bike Park IMG_4089

The bicycle is a defining factor of life in Amsterdam. It’s not like auto-less Venice; there are cars. But every city resident must own at least one bike. Some have two: A “beater” to be left locked, but still vulnerable to theft, on the street, and a “good bike” to be kept locked up in one’s apartment.

But what demarcates much of the city are the canals. They aren’t everywhere, but they do carve up the urban landscape.

So for me, the iconic photo of Amsterdam has to include both a bike and a canal.

A Rebuilt Wreck

Frauenkirche and Neumarkt Square IMG_2000When I stepped off the train in Dresden, I thought I had mistakenly headed south from Prague into Italy. The place just didn’t look “German.”

Later I would learn that Dresden’s architecture has an Italian feel to it for a reason: Italians were brought in to design and construct many of the buildings in its old center.

Dresden would not be Dresden if one monumental building, heavily damaged by bombing during World War II had been completely razed, and carted away, stone by stone, to a far-off landfill.

That is, of course, the Frauenkirche, which sits in the center of the Neumarkt Square, surrounded by “Italy,” and fronted by a statute of Martin Luther.

America in Normandy

For most tourists, the island of Mont San Michel, topped by a monastery, and (mostly) cut off from the rest of the world by high tides, is the singular icon of France’s Normandy.

But for Americans, it is something else: The U.S. Cemetery near the beaches where many of their countrymen lost their lives during World War II’s D-Day invasion.


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8 Replies to “Travel Photo Thursday: One Shot, One Place”

  1. I love your photos, but I do not think I could accept this challenge. I take way too many pictures and fall in love with them. I don’t think I could choose one. I do think it’s a great exercise to try to capture the essence of a place in one shot. I think I will try that.

  2. I managed to cut the 120 photos I took in one day in Paris down to 90. I guess I still have a ways to go to get to the ONE. I will admit that all your photos really do a good job of capturing the sense of the place.

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