Chicago’s O’Hare – Where Goats Do Roam

Chicago’s O’Hare – Where Goats Do Roam

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Plenty of airline passengers—myself included—have had their “goat gotten” at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Flight delays.

Flight cancellations.

Long walks between terminals.


But now O’Hare  is going to “get its own goats.”

While you might think that grass is growing under your feet while waiting endless hours to catch a flight out of O’Hare, the airport has a different problem: Overgrown vegetation.

O’Hare could probably hire a slew of employees to pull acres of weeds, but it’s come up with a better idea: Let the goats do roam.

So the next time you’re enduring a long, exasperating layover at O’Hare, just look out onto the airfield and try to spot the critters that are keeping the weeds down and the grass cleanly clipped.

Baaah, humbug!

(O’Hare isn’t the first airport to use goats as “lawn mowers.” It’s been done at Seattle, Atlanta, and San Francisco, per this report by Harriet Baskas for NBC News.)

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