Hot Times in Iceland: There’s Apps for That!

Hot Times in Iceland: There’s Apps for That!

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Iceland is both a cool and hot spot on the planet.

And in more ways than one.

Like the “Big Island” of Hawaii, its got a lot of “cool,” but super-heated volcanic goings on.

Iceland MapThere’s an Iceland travel app for finding the places where the earth moves and flows.

Like Hawaii, Iceland could be a cool place to find a hot date and love in all of the right—or wrong—places.

And there’s an app that may help you keep out of trouble when you, and your newly made Icelandic friend, have ideas about heating up your relationship.

Finding Iceland’s “Hot Spots”

The free “Iceland Explorer Travel Guide” app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, includes:Iceland Explorer Cover screenshot

✔ Hot Spring Guide to Iceland
✔ Chase the Northern Lights – When, Where and How – Photography Tips!
✔ Over 200 locations and growing
✔ Party all night in Reykjavik’s notorious nightlife
✔ Ride the Ring Road – with GPS enabled waterfalls and stops
✔ Discover quirky museums and epic art
✔ Festival Guide to Iceland
✔ What and Where to Eat
✔ Essential Guide to Reykjavik
✔ Treks, Hikes and Camping in Iceland’s unparalleled nature
✔ Volcanoes Guide and What to Do in an Eruption
✔ Practical Information on transport, emergencies, money and more…

Like all Sutro Media e-guidebooks, the Iceland Explorer Guide lets you browse its entries by category such as “Adventures,” “Food,” “Hidden Gems,” and “Nightlife.” But since a lot of magma is flowing under the island, you’ll also find listings for “Hotsprings & Pools” and “Volcanoes.”

One of Iceland’s most active volcanoes, Hekla, is called “The Gateway to Hell.” But the subglacial Katla, which erupted on July 8, 2011, is more likely to blow you to Kingdom Come.

On the other hand, if you just want to “blow of steam” yourself, you could head to the Dillon Rock Bar (“Beards and Bottles”), attend the Eistnaflug Festival (“Flying Testicles Festival”), or visit the NASA Club (“Blast off”).

Iceland Explorer Guide’s “Photos” section has a lot of “eye-candy” to lure your to his island of pent-up vulcanism, and some of the e-guidebook entries have links to YouTube videos, like this one.

The app’s “Practical Information” covers air travel, bicycling, buses, camping, cell phones, driving, hotspot and pool etiquette, and many more tips for travelers.

Sex Scene

Islendinga IconThe “Islendigna App”(“App of Icelanders”) may be the smartphone app most heavily reported in the media since the release of “Angry Birds.” And if you plan on searching for a new lover in Iceland, you’d better get it.


The app is designed to keep you from having intimate relations with your close relations that you didn’t know that you were related to.


So a guy walks into a bar, sees a good-looking woman, and asks her “What’s your sign?”

Okay, so maybe he’s got a new and better “pick up” line.

But if he’s an Icelander and so is she, jumping into the sack together could be a bad idea.


Because they could be cousins that shouldn’t become more than “kissing cousins.”

Islendinga ScreenshotMany island residents are the descendants of a group of 9th century Vikings that settled the place. That means a small gene pool, and that means you need to know “Who’s Who” before you decide to, well, you know.

Fortunately, three University of Iceland software engineering students came up with a high-tech solution to this “dating game” problem. Using the “Islendingabok,” an online database of family trees, they created an app that can keep one from getting “too close” to the wrong person.

So if both “he” and “she” have the app installed on their smartphones, they can simply touch the phones to each other to learn if touching of a different sort is sensible.

Alas, right now, only those with Android phones can get the Islendinga “anti-incest” app. But the developers reportedly are working on an iPhone version.

So if you’re single, have some Viking blood in your veins, and are traveling to Iceland, get that app, and don’t leave your hotel and head to a bar without it!

More about Iceland

If you’re hot to trot to visit Iceland, and need help planning your trip, visit the “Visit Iceland” Website for detailed travel information.

Not sure you want to go? This video should convince you to have a “hot time” in Iceland.


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