The Jaguar of “Desire”

The Jaguar of “Desire”

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So, when I say “movie” you think “An hour and half to two hour flick,” right?

Well, maybe not.Desire Movie Poster

How about a movie that tells a story from beginning to end in just a hair under 13 and a half minutes? Could it be done and done well in about half the length of the shortest TV program?

Desire, starring Damian Lewis, Shannyn Sossamon, and Jordi Mollà accomplishes that unlikely cinematic feat. Maybe it was their “co-star,” the new Jaguar F-Type, that allowed them to speed through the script so fast.

Jaquar F Type

Here’s what it’s all about.

Some not so nice men, a beautiful woman, and a sleek red sports car rendezvous in the desert.

Somebody’s going to be very sorry about this encounter. But who? And why?

To find out, watch the entire movie right here on Tales Told From The Road.

Okay, now I ask you this? Was that a very brief  dramatic movie, or a very long, but cleverly done, advertisement for the Jaguar F-Type?

I say it’s a “dramatic movie” because it has all of the elements of a thriller film, albeit one that was probably designed to “play” online rather than in theaters.

But even if you disagree with my categorization, I’m sure you found it highly entertaining, as I did.

And you got “taken for a ride” without having to buy a movie ticker, let alone shell out $69,000 or more for the flashy little red car.

(Read more about “Desire” in this story from Advertising Age magazine.)

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