“Seattle in Motion”

“Seattle in Motion”

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Watching a slideshow of still photos is a good way to get a feel for a city that you are planning to visit our have experienced as a tourist.

And as I’ve explained in past posts, you can create those slideshows in a number of different ways, incorporate them into videos made with Apple’s iMovie, or put them into a six-second “film” using the “Vine” smartphone app.

But one of the more fascinating ways to see a place is through time-lapse photography.

I spent the first twenty-one years of my life in Seattle, Washington. Edward Aites created this “moving portrait” of my old hometown from 3,600 still photos taken last year.

Seattle in Motion from Edward Aites (edvard brun) on Vimeo.

(On Friday, Tales Told From The Road will show you how to make your own “hyperlapse” video.)

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