Found in My Own Backyard: Great Photos of a Great Place

Found in My Own Backyard: Great Photos of a Great Place

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Point Reyes National Seashore is a beautiful, wild place along the California Coast, just over an hour’s drive north of San Francisco, with mountains, beaches, bays, wildflowers, trees, that is home to deer, elk, and many other animals, including the lowly garden gopher.

But what sets it apart from populated areas north and south, are its sweeping vistas.


I wish I could claim credit for this triptych of black and white photos that hangs in my home.

But I didn’t shoot it.

Nor did California’s most famous photographer, Ansel Adams.

Professional photographer Marty Knapp has lived near the seashore for forty years, and began creating memorable images of its landscape in 1986. His friend, filmmaker Logan Kelsey, produced this video portrait of Knapp.

In addition to producing fine art prints for sale, Knapp teaches photography. His gallery in the town of Point Reyes Station is open from 11 am – 5 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and at other times by appointment.

After viewing Marty Knapp’s work, either online or in his gallery, you’ll be inspired, as I have been, to pick up your camera and photograph the scenes that he has captured in the western reaches of Marin County, California, and elsewhere.

Reflections Estero Trail B and W(Reflections, Estero Trail, Point Reyes National Seashore. Dick Jordan Photo.)

(Marty Knapp recently began writing the blog, “Lumengraphics: Finding the good light for expressive photography.” Learn more about Logan Kelsey on his Website, Vertical Online. On Twitter he’s @verticalonline. You’ll also find his work on YouTube and Instagram).

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2 Replies to “Found in My Own Backyard: Great Photos of a Great Place”

  1. Beautiful black and white shot! Thank you so much for sharing the link to Marty Knapp’s site. I have been thinking of doing a few black and white large scale prints in my home as well!

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