Travel Photo Thursday: All Creatures, Great and Small

Travel Photo Thursday: All Creatures, Great and Small

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Lennon Wall, Prague,Czech RepublicIn past “Travel Photo Thursday” columns, I’ve talked about the importance of including people in your travel photos, and using people to create a sense of scale in your shots.

But sometimes it’s not people, but creatures, great and small, that will be the best photo subjects. And if you can get close enough to them without risking life and limb, a point-and-shoot camera will work fine for digitally capturing those critters.

“My Name is Sue”

T. Rex "Sue," Field Museum, ChicagoThe lyrics to Johnny Cash’s famous tune, “A Boy Named Sue,” amply points out the folly of messing with a tough character with a girlish name.

If humans had lived in her neighborhood 67 million years ago, they wouldn’t have messed about with this “Sue” either: The famous Tyrannosaurus rex who now “resides” in Chicago’s Field Museum.

Fortunately, Sue The Dinosaur was in a pretty good mood when I caught her toothy grin with my camera, so I lived to tell about our photographic encounter eons after she turned into a mere skeleton of her former self.

“How Now, White Cow?”

So what exactly does the phrase “How Now, Brown Cow?” mean?

White Cow, Bull Point, Point Reyes National SeashoreWell, if you clicked on that link, now you know, but are probably wondering why you bothered to find out.

In any event, while I was hiking out to Bull Point—aptly named since plenty of cattle graze along the trail—at Point Reyes National Seashore, it wasn’t the brown cows that caught my photographer’s eye, but this very white bovine munching away in the pasture through which I was walking.

Of course, what else could I title the shot except “How Now, White Cow?”

“It’s Not Easy Being Green”

Praying Mantis, Coastal Trail, Golden Gate National Recreation Area  (GGNRA)As Kermit the Frog of “The Muppets” is wont to say, “It’s not easy being green.”

Sometimes being green might help you blend in. That would be simple if you are a green-tinted Praying Mantis hanging out in tall, green grass.

Being green is a tougher task if you hop onto the hand of a passing hiker, since its fleshy backdrop will make you standout like a sort thumb.

Although being so visible could make it easier for a predator to “take you to lunch,” it might also facilitate finding a mate.

But if you are a male of that species, try not to lose your head if you do find love in all the right places, such as along the Coastal Trail near Tennessee Valley in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

(Click on an image to enlarge to full-size. Visit Budget Travelers Sandbox for more of this week’s Travel Photo Thursday shots.)

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