Travel Photo Thursday: Signs of Culture

Travel Photo Thursday: Signs of Culture

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Signs, big and small, can tell you something important about the culture of a place. Keep your eye out for them during you travels so you can capture them with your camera.

Store Mural 1 Petersburg

This mural painted on the side of a store in Petersburg, Alaska, denotes the important of commercial fishing to this small community founded a century ago by a Norwegian immigrant who established a cannery here, and today often referred to as “Little Norway.”

Trabi IMG_2032

The Trabant—perhaps better known by its nickname, “Trabi”—was manufactured in East Germany during the “Cold War” period, and for a about a year after the reunification of Germany in 1990 and the destruction of the famous Berlin Wall earlier that year.

Today you can drive this “classic” (if not classy) car Pot Starter Kit IMG_4113through the streets of Dresden (where this photo was shot) or Berlin on a “Trabi Safari.” The Zebra stripes presumably were not painted on this Trabi at the factory in East Germany.

Sometimes you’ll find a “sign of culture” on packaging.  This “Dutch Cannabis Seed Starter Kit” on sale in an Amsterdam canal-side flower market loudly proclaims Netherlanders fondness for “home grown weed,” not just their country’s famous tulips.

(Click on an image to enlarge to full-size. Visit Budget Travelers Sandbox for more of this week’s Travel Photo Thursday shots.)

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8 Replies to “Travel Photo Thursday: Signs of Culture”

  1. Probably won’t be long before you’ll be seeing those seeds on sale in Washington State as well Dick! 🙂 Our slogan The Evergreen State will take on new connotations. . .a good post and reminder that we can learn from the most obvious of things.

  2. So true Dick! I ran into the Gorton Fisherman while in Rostock Germany last year. It was similar to your first photo and I thought it was a great way to enhance an other wise ugly building.

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