Travel Photo Thursday: Capturing Look-alikes

Travel Photo Thursday: Capturing Look-alikes

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Point Reyes National SeashoreIn “Travel Photo Thursday: ‘People-ing’ Your Trip Photos”, I discussed the importance of having people, not just soaring cathedral spires or magnificent landscapes, in your travel photos.

If having one person in a photo is good, having two people would be even better, right?


And especially if those two people are nearly identical look-alikes.

“Max Und Mortiz” are characters in a classic illustrated German language story for kids. They inspired the “Katzenjammer Kids” American cartoon strip. I learned of these two imps while Dresden Altmarkttaking a “German for Travelers” class prior to my 2006 trip to Europe.

When I arrived in Dresden, Germany, on a Sunday afternoon in 2009, a “flea market” of sorts was going on in the Altmarkt. Little “log cabins” (mini-chalets of sorts) housed vendors of food and beer, wafflen (tasty waffles filled with whipped cream or fruit condiments), clothing, purses, and a variety of craft items. A couple of musicians picking guitars sang American Country and Western or other “pop” music standards, like “Sitzen on Zee Dock of Zee Bay.”

These two young women, faces decorated with clown makeup, mugged for my camera. They were running the “Max Und Mortiz Anglen (for) Bretzels” stand where kids dropped a line from a fishing pole down the chimney of a little house to “catch” a pretzel.

The odds against coming across two photogenic identical twins during your travels are high. But the chance of finding two people of differing ages, unrelated by blood, that are dead-ringers for each other is impossibly remote.

Yet when I climbed into the rear seat of a floatplane in Ketchikan, Alaska, for a “flightseeing” trip to Misty Fjords National Monument, two such doppelgangers were seated just ahead of me.

Misty Fjords Floatplane FlightIn this shot, I caught their remarkable resemblance, as each looked out of the floatplane’s windows at the watery landscape of Southeast Alaska below us.

With the same hair style and color, and wearing matching rain parkas, they could have been mother and daughter. But they weren’t.

The older of the duo was the plane’s “bush” pilot, while the younger was just a passenger. She, along with her parents and older brother, were from Dallas. They had disembarked from an Inside Passage cruise ship that had docked in Ketchikan earlier that day.

(Click on an image to enlarge to full-size. Visit Budget Travelers Sandbox for more of this week’s Travel Photo Thursday shots.)

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18 Replies to “Travel Photo Thursday: Capturing Look-alikes”

  1. I really loved Dresden when I went there last year. Too bad I didn’t get to go to their flea market! And thanks for the photo tips. Hope to implement that in my next travels.

  2. I really like the plane photo too, but really just like your whole idea of including people in your travel photos. I really think the perspective of adding a person changes the photo and emotion from it. I’ve been trying to add more people to my photos and even add more of Bob and myself so that it’s a little more personal to our site.

  3. How cool is that plane shot! I was totally thinking they were somewhat related. I always have my duo as models so I may need to do some shot experimentation. Thanks for the wonderful tips!

  4. What an amazing coincidence. They do say that everyone has a double somewhere – but to actually meet ones double – how amazing that would be! Sometimes you come across the most interesting people when travelling. I have only in the last few years started to include people in my travel shots. They really add a sense of scale. Before that I used to wait till people moved out the way. They can certainly add to an image.

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