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June 14, 2010

When planning a trip I look for books and movies that will give me the flavor of places I will be visiting.

I buy most of my own books from independent bookstores like Book Passage, and encourage that you do so as well to help insure that we always have a wide variety of authors contributing to our knowledge of the world and enjoyment of life in it.

Recommended books may also be available from libraries or, in the case of guidebooks (always use updated ones), directly from the publisher, such as Lonely Planet or Rick Steves .   Some of the movies I have recommended may be available from Netflix, your local video rental store, or public library.

If you are an iPhone owner, get the free Local Books app to let you find bookstores, libraries, and book fairs and festivals near your location of the place where you are headed on your next trip).

These books may also now be available in electronic form that can be read on PC’s, Apple Mac computers, iPhones, iPads, or other electronic devices: Kindle Books from, Nook Books From Barnes & Noble, or Google eBooks (which can also be purchased from some independent bookstores, such as Book Passage).  Apple also sells its own iBooks which can be read on iPhones and iPads.

* pays me a commission if you buy one my recommended books or movies through them.  Some movies may be available from Netflix, your local video rental store or public library.

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