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December 22, 2010

Rick Steves Travel Broadcast Tower Icon European travel guru, Rick Steves, is well known to PBS viewers because of his “Rick Steves’ Europe” travelogues. But Rick also has his own radio program, “Travel With Rick Steves”, and interviews ordinary travelers, giving them a chance to become “radio personalities” (or at least get a few minutes of “fame”).

Dick And Rick (Steves) On The Radio

Being interviewed by Rick Steves is a great way to share your travel experiences with a wider audience than just the friends and family who read your “Tweets” or Facebook posts from the road.  Dick Jordan was “interviewed” twice by Rick during the January 2010 radio show recording sessions. Over the next few months, fame and Rick Steves At Mont St Michelfortune, and maybe a career in movies (“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille) awaited Dick’s “Rick On The Radio” debut.

Dick became a “radio star” when “More Roadfood USA; Brittany and Normandy” was broadcast on May 29, 2010. While his interview with Rick was not included in the broadcast itself, it is part of a “Web extra” streaming audio file that you can play by clicking here . (His comments about touring Normandy by rental car run from 4:48 to 7:15).

Dick got another nearly three minutes of radio fame on July 10, 2010, when the show “Affordable London; Ancient Britain” aired. Once again his interview with Rick was not part of the program that actually aired, but runs at the beginning of the “Web extra” streaming audio file. This is Rick’s description of what he and Dick discussed: “Caller Dick in San Anselmo, California describes one of his favorites finds from a London city walk that Rick recommends in his guidebook, and suggests cathedral concerts as a worthwhile free activity in London.”

You can hear Dick on-the-air during the October 8, 2010 “Travels with Rick Steves” show.  The show begins with France. Move the slider on your audio player (e.g., Windows Media Player) to 14:30 to catch the beginning of tour guide Fabian Reuger and Rick talking about Germany, and to 23:41 to hear Dick spend 31 seconds asking why Dresden looks like it should be in Italy.  Rick and Fabian discuss that city until Dick chime’s in for another 19 seconds again at 26:33.  At 27:05 Rick thanks Dick for calling and his 50 seconds of air time comes to an end.  (If you have a Mac, you may have trouble “fast forwarding” to the part of the program where Dick “phones in.”  The way around that problem is to download the show as a podcast using iTunes and play it in iTunes.  Then you should be able to move the slider in iTunes to the 23:41 mark when Dick does his first bit).

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