“Morse” and “Lewis” on Masterpiece Mystery

July 6, 2012

The “Inspector Morse” English detective stories set in the university town of Oxford were among the most watched programs in the history of the PBS “Masterpiece Mystery” program. Then came “Inspector Lewis” in which Morse’s former sergeant becomes a police inspector in Oxford himself, with his own sidekick, Sgt. Hathaway.

Earlier this year, “Endeavour” on “Masterpiece Mystery” told the story of More when he was a lowly Detective Constable. In July, the videos from the that five-part series ran here on Tales Told From The Road.

(“Endeavour” is available on DVD or Blu-ray disc, as well as instant video rental from Amazon.com. You can also buy the PBS Mystery “Inspector Morse” and “Inspector Lewis” programs from Amazon.com. Purchases made through links on this page help support Tales Told From The Road.)

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