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"Extreme Travel": Living on A Razor's Edge

Armchair Travel

For me, living on a razor’s edge when I’m traveling means making sure I can get a close shave in the morning.  For writer Neil Shea and photographer Stephen Alvarez, it meant risking life and limb navigating their way through the maze of spiky stone towers in Madagascar‘s Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park and Reserve.  […]

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A Narrow Escape in London

Arts and Entertainment

Here’s a lede (opening paragraph) for a travel story I’m working on: “If Samson, club held high, had connected with my skull, I would have been as dead as the people whose names grace the building where we encountered each other one September afternoon. Lucky for me, his menacing arm was frozen in time. And […]

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Dallas Morning News Publishes Dick's Alaska Story


The Dallas Morning News, one of America’s premier daily newspapers with an outstanding Sunday Travel section, published Dick’s story “Glacial pace:  Go with the floe and see what southeast Alaska has to offer” on August 16, 2009. The story (not yet available on the newspaper’s Web site) and three of Dick’s photos took up an […]

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