Toilet Training

British Airways

(September 3, 2009) As our British Airways flight from London climbed to cruising altitude on the way to Prague, head flight attendant announced that drink service would begin once the captain turned off the seatbelt sign.  A few minutes later, he announced that there was a problem with the fresh water system on the aircraft […]

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Old Town Prague

Charles University in Prague

(Saturday, September 5, Prague, Czech Republic) Katka met us at our hotel at 9 am and we set off on foot for the famous Charles Bridge. Along the way we stopped at the Monument to the Victims of Communism. These bronze figures march down a stairway along busy Karmelitska Ujezd Street. The figures at the […]

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Being Guided Through Prague

Czech Republic

(Friday, September 4, Prague, Czech Republic) From morning until early afternoon during our two full days in Prague, local tour guide “Katka” led us uphill and down through Prague. After a rendezvous at our hotel on Friday, we walked about four blocks and hopped on Tram #22 (best route for Grayline-type bus tour of the […]

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