March 25, 2012

These fine writers have kindly contributed stories to Tales Told From The Road:

Dorothy Aksamit Photo Freelance travel writer and photographer Dorothy Aksamit lives near San Francisco.  Her stories and photos have appeared in Spirit of Aloha Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, International Travel News, Latitude 38, and The News Marin.  On Twitter she is @DotTheTraveler.
Patrica Bracewell Oakland writer Patricia Bracewell has written non-fiction for Skirt Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and American Baby. She edits the “Roadwork” section of the Left Coast Writers Website. The Shadow on the Crown, part one of her historical fiction trilogy about the 11th century English queen, Emma of Normandy, is awaiting publication in the U.S. and abroad.  She  publishes the blog Earthwalkerone.
David-Frey-Web-Photo- David M. Frey is a freelance journalist based in western Colorado, where he chronicles the changing American West for a variety of publications. His work has appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, the Los Angeles Times, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune and High Country News, and he writes regularly for the website NewWest.Net.
Terry Gardner Photo Freelance travel writer Terry Gardner lives in Southern California.  Her travel articles have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post and the dive publication, Alert Diver, and u\is a Featured Blogger on She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree as a playwright from UCLA and has been a stand-up comedian.  Learn more about her by visiting her Website, Terry Travels.
Andrea Granahan Award-winning travel writer Andrea Granahan lives on the California Coast north of San Francisco.  Her stories have appeared in a number of publications.  She is a member of Bay Area Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists Association. Andrea is the publisher and editor of Meanderings, a Mini-Mag for the Adventurous. You can follow her on Twitter where she is known as @NavGal.
Andre Hugo Photo Andre Hugo is an award winning writer whose photography has drawn acclamation.  He is based in Ecuador, with primary interests throughout the Western Hemisphere. His background in the business world has led him to assist companies in Latin America in improving their English language materials.  His Website is Andre Hugo’s Place.  You can follow him on Twitter where he is @AndreHugosplace.
Linda Watanbe McFerrin Photo Poet, novelist, and travel writer Linda Watanabe McFerrin lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She frequently teaches at seminars for writers and is on the faculty of the annual Book Passage Travel Writers and Photographers Conference. She founded and heads Left Coast Writers, a literary salon. She is the author of Namako: Sea Cucumber, and The Hand of Buddha.  Her latest novel, Dead Love, is all about zombies.
Rosemary Rennon Photo Rosemary K. Rennon is a an experienced travel writer, photographer, Website designer,  theatre director, and stage manager. She is the author of Language and Travel Guide to RomaniaHer Website is Gadabout NY. Her next book which will be about life in New York CityShe is currently studying the history and sights of New York City and will soon acquire a New York City tour guide license.
Jackie-Smith-Web-Photo Freelance writer Jackie Smith lives near Seattle, Washington.  Her travel stories have appeared in The Seattle Times.  She and her husband, Joel, publish the travel blog TravelnWrite.  They chucked the 8 – 5 work week, and are pursuing their passion for travel, setting out to find the extraordinary in even the most ordinary of places.
Joan Steidinger Photo Dr. Joan Steidinger is an AASP Certified sports psychologist, writer, and ardent traveler.  She wrote “Dr. Joan’s Sports Psych Talk” for, the San Francisco Chronicle Website.  Her column “Blood, Sweat, and Cheers”  has appeared in the magazine Psychology Today.  Joan has travelled the world over, participating in mountain climbing, trekking, running, cycling, and scuba diving.
Tom-Wilmer-Web-Photo Travel writer Thomas C. Wilmer lives on the Central Coast of California.  He serves as the Membership Chair of Bay Area Travel Writers.  His radio travel show Audiolog has aired over National Public Radio affiliate stations KCBX & KSBX in Santa Barbara & San Luis Obispo Counties since 1989. His video productions can be found on YouTube.  He is the author of The Wine Seeker’s Guide to the Livermore Valley.

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