“See America” Illustrates America’s National Parks

“See America” Illustrates America’s National Parks

In August, the U.S. National Park Service celebrated its 100th year protecting the parks and helping park visitors enjoy the country’s scenic and cultural wonders.

Since summer vacations have come and gone for the year, thoughts of trips to those parks made this year may already be fading from memories of those who enjoyed what the writer, Wallace Stegner, and documentary filmmaker, Ken Burns, have called “America’s best idea.”

But this post-Labor Day, pre-Thanksgiving period is an excellent time to be conjuring up a 2017 national park visit.

And a good way to visualize that next trip is by reading See America: A Celebration of Our National Parks & Treasured Sites.

Like 59 Illustrated National Parks: Celebrating 100 Years of Wilderness and Wonder, a compendium of national park posters done by the Anderson Design Group of Nashville, Tennessee, See America uses poster-style illustrations to take you on a journey through many of the nation’s national parks, seashores, memorials, and monuments.

The book was done by the National Parks Conservation Association in collaboration with artists from the Creative Action Network. The illustrations and accompanying text for each park unit are arranged in a timeline of park creation, from earliest to latest.

As when I read Lassoing the Sun: A Year in America’s National Parks, perusing See America brought back memories of my own trips to over thirty of the places covered by the book.

On a rainy fall or winter day, be a temporary “couch potato,” sit with See America in hand, and daydream about the national parks you want to add to your “bucket list” for future travel.

(Tales Told From The Road received a complimentary copy of See America: A Celebration of Our National Parks & Treasured Sites from the National Parks Conservation Association. Purchasing it in hardcover or Kindle e-book versions from Amazon.com will help Tales Told From The Road continue to provide you with a wide range of travel-related stories. Part of the proceeds from sale of the book will go to support the National Parks Conservation Association and to the artists who contributed illustrations to the book.)

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