Getting to and from Brussels After Tuesday’s Terrorist Attacks

March 31, 2016

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(Initially published at 11:11 a.m., PDT, Tuesday, March 22nd. Updated at 9:30 a.m., PDT, Thursday, March 31st.)

You have no doubt by now heard news reports of terrorists attacks in a subway station in Brussels and the international airport serving that European city.

(Brussels Airport Flickr Photo)

(Brussels Airport Flickr Photo)

The attacks have severely limited the ability of travelers to make their way to or out of the city by air or train.

On Thursday, March 31st the airport’s Website announced that:

“Brussels Airport Company has received the go ahead from the fire services and the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) for a partial restart of passenger flights at the airport. However, the authorities have yet to take a formal decision on the restart date. Until Friday evening 1 April no passenger flights will take place at Brussels Airport.”

Those departing from the U.S. to Brussels may find that their flights have been cancelled.

And on Tuesday, March 29th, eTurboNews reported that American Airlines has cancelled all flights to and from Brussels until April 7th.

Presumably this means that passengers on flights scheduled to arrive at Brussels will land in other major European international airports such as London, Amsterdam, Paris or Frankfurt, and then will have to make their way to Brussels by train bus, or automobile.

And passengers who planned to fly from Brussels to other destinations will have to alter their travel plans and head to those airports by rail or vehicles.

On Tuesday of last week, the Los Angeles Times offered this advice for those planning to fly to Brussels or other European destinations in the immediate wake of Tuesday’s terrorists bombings. The New Y0rk Times reported steps that airlines were taking to allow passengers to change ticketing without charge.

The Eurostar Website says that normal train service is operating, but advised passengers to arrive at stations 45 minutes before scheduled departure times to check in. The railway also provided information on ticket exchanges or refunds for passengers who had planned to travel to Brussels to and including March 29th.


The SCNB Europe Website has posted this update on rail service:

“…specific security measures have been applied in the main Brussels railway stations. International trains are operating a normal service again. However, because of enhanced security measures in the main railway stations, passengers are advised to arrive in advance at their departure station with a valid identity document.”

Facebook Safety Check Brussels

Facebook has de-activated its “Safety Check” function which was instituted on Tuesday, March 22nd, and which allowed users who are in Brussels to let their Facebook Friends know that they are safe, and for Facebook users in other locations to check to see if any of their Facebook Friends are in that Belgian city and if so, whether they are safe.

NPR filed this report on both the immediate and possible long-term effects on air travel from these attacks in Brussels.

And The Wall Street Journal issued this report on how last Tuesday’s events in Brussels might effect travel and tourism in Europe this year.


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