Finding “Downton” Filming Locations

March 8, 2016

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Downton Abbey, one of the most, if not the most watched shows ever on the PBS network “Masterpiece” series (which I’ve been tuning into for over forty years) wrapped up its run for American television audiences on Sunday, March 6th (over two months after Europeans got their last glimpse of the Crowley family last Christmas).

(Haley Blackmore Flickr Photo)

(Haley Blackmore Flickr Photo)

So many of the most memorable scenes were shot at Highclere Castle, the “stand-in” for the fictional “Downton Abbey,” that viewers may have forgotten that bits and pieces of several episodes were shot “off-premises” elsewhere in England.

But after six years, who among us can remember all of those “out of Downton” locations?

Although no one can, everyone can find those shooting locations thanks to an outfit called Wayfair UK.

Those folks have come up with this interactive “The Ultimate Map of Downton Abbey Filming Locations” that will let you relive, at least in your mind, where all of those lords ladies from “Upstairs” in society, plus their “Downstairs” servants and other mere mortals, played out their lives.

The map covers over seventy locations where “Downton” was filmed. Click on the icons on the map for more information on each location. For an overview of all of the film locations, click on the pull-out tab to the left of the map’s title.

(You can purchase single episodes or entire seasons of Downton Abbey. Purchases made from through links on this page helps Tales Told From The Road continue to bring you a wide range of travel-related stories. You can learn more about the show, watch episodes, and buy it on DVD, through the Downton Abbey page on the PBS Website.)

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