Watching Out For The “Apple Watch”

March 6, 2015

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Back in September when we published our first take on the latest Apple products, including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, we noted that you wouldn’t be able to get hands on the “Apple Watch,” the newest gadget to come from the famous Cupertino, California tech company, until sometime in 2015.

Apple Watch

Well, that sometime is going to be sometime soon, probably in April. And this coming Monday, Apple will be hosting a media event which all of the tech pundits assume will involve unveiling of that digital time piece.

Here’s what we said about the Apple Watch nearly six months ago:

The good news is that the company is going to sell such a device.

But here’s the bad news:

  • It won’t be available until at least “early” 2015 (which now know that means April, which isn’t that “early” in the year).
  • It won’t work as a “standalone” device; you’ll need an iPhone for it to connect to (although Yahoo Tech says “most of its fitness-tracking features work while it’s flying solo“).
  • The starting price is expected to be $349, far higher than that for the cheapest new iPhone, and the 18-karat gold models could go for $10,000.

The following video gives a quick glance at the Apple Watch.

“Wow! I gotta have one of those!” is what you’ll likely say after watching Ive pitch the Apple Watch. (Actually, you’ll be able to buy three different styles of Apple’s “wrist bling.”)

If you’re a “fitness freak” you may find the Apple Watch irresistible. But what “Can’t Live Without It” functions will it perform for the average consumer that would justify the cost of owning both an Apple Watch and an iPhone?

As Molly Wood of The New York Times points out, it will probably take development of a “killer app” (my guess is multiple “killer apps”) to make the Apple Watch a “must-have” accessory for your arm.

In a separate story for the paper, Wood considers how the Apple Watch could be a “big deal” for travelers.

But will thieves be eyeballing wrists of pedestrians, and those of bus and subway riders, before figuratively and literally ripping-off their Apple Watches and snatching their iPhones? Will the Apple Watch have a “kill switch” that will render it useless if it is stolen?

I haven’t, of course, been able to try out the Apple Watch. But David Pogue (formerly of The New York Times, now with Yahoo! Tech) did last fall, and here’s his take at that time on the device and the questions about it that remain unanswered.

One of those questions is how long the Apple Watch batter will last without recharging. The answer is that owners will probably have to re-charge the battery at the end of each day.

Here’s what Gizmodo, MacRumors, and The Verge says that they expect will happen at Apple’s Monday event.

Who will buy the Apple Watch, who won’t, and why? Forbes thinks it has the answers to those questions. And The New York Times suggests that Apple may have trouble convincing consumers to purchase it.

And for yet more, more, and even more about Apple Watch, check out this gaggle of stories from Yahoo Tech.

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