Santa Brings You A Gift: Air Travel, The Way It Was

December 10, 2014

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“Dear Santa,

“All I want for Christmas is two front seats. That is, seats ‘up front’ in the plane. You know, having a first class travel experience by flying in First Class.

(1950s Unlimited Flickr Photo)

(1950s Unlimited Flickr Photo)

“But I know that maybe I haven’t been a good enough boy this year to qualify for such an extravagant gift.

“So I’d be willing to settle for two seats in Coach, as long as the cabin and the service is just like it was back when I was a kid sending all of those “Christmas wish” letters to you at the North Pole.

“Happy Holidays!”

(Tales Told From The Road editor, Dick Jordan, hopes that this holiday season Santa Claus brings every airline passenger a return to the elegance, comfort, and pleasure of air travel, the way it was a half-century ago.)

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