Flying Is Fun (To Watch)

Flying Is Fun (To Watch)

The “Golden Age of Air Travel” when flying was fun is long, long, gone.

Back then, even if you weren’t hopping on plane to take off on vacation, you could hang out at an airport and just watch other people do so.

(Andrew Magill Flick Photo)
(Andrew Magill Flick Photo)

Today, the only reason to subject yourself to the aggravation of air travel is when flying is the only practical way to get to a destination.

But there is one way to experience “The Friendly Skies” without ascending into the not-so-friendly-skies: Make a virtual trip to the airport.

Aerial drone photography and videography has taken off.

Well, sort of.

These little helicopter-style devices can carry a small camera aloft and film what’s happening on the ground. They aren’t terribly expensive and, in theory, any vacation traveler who owned one could shoot still photos and video from the skies.

But just because you have the technology to film from above the earth, doesn’t mean its okay for you to do so. For example, the U.S. National Park Service has taken steps to ban drone filming in federal parks.

And why it would definitely be “cool” to make a movie of planes taking off and landing at an airport, you won’t be able to do so in the United States where FAA rules preclude the operation of drones or model aircraft within five miles of an airport without the permission of the facility and its control tower.

(Daniel Robert Chapman Flickr Photo)
(Daniel Robert Chapman Flickr Photo)

Good luck getting that permission.

However, south of the border, down Mexico way, Mexico City International Airport worked with drone multimedia firm PostAndFly to produce this video of airport operations. So pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, recline your seat, enjoy your “flight”!

(Tales Told From The Road publisher, Dick Jordan, would love to use a drone in his work producing programming for public access television stations in the U.S.)

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