We’ll Always Have Paris (Apps)

October 3, 2014

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When I spent five days in Paris back in 1999, I used paper maps and printed guidebooks to find my way around.

(Guy Moll Flickr Photo)

(Guy Moll Flickr Photo)

But that was seems “So 20th Century” in today’s world when travelers circle the globe with smartphones in their hands and pockets, and tablets in their carry-on bags.

Here are three apps that Kim Eaton of The New York Times suggests that you use on your next (or first) visit to The City of Light.

 In addition to the three apps Eaton reviews in the video, he offers up other suggested apps for both iOS and Android apps in this story for the newspaper.

Now if there were just a free airfare app that could fly us there for no cost. Then we’d truly always have Paris.

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