HISY: Remote Control for “Selfies” and Group Photos

September 5, 2014

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I recently learned that an Apple earbud will act like a shutter release on a DSLR if the Camera app on an iPhone or iPad is turned on. If you prop up your iPhone or iPad, you can stand or sit back up a few feet away and press the “+” button on the earbud volume control to snap a photo, making it easier to take “selfies” or group photos.

While my local Radio Shack store didn’t have an “extension cord” that I could use to extend the length of my earbud’s cable, it did sell me a HISY “Wireless Smartphone Camera Remote” which the front of the package says will let you “Take the Perfect Selfie!”


Here’s how it works.

What’s in the Box

The HISY remote is a thumb-sized disc about as high as the thickness of your index finger. It comes with a 2″ high plastic stand on which you can rest your iPhone while shooting, and a “charm” for attaching the remote to your phone via it’s headphone jack.

Set Up

The HISY remote camera gizmo pairs via Bluetooth with an iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, iPad 3rd/4th generation and iPad Air, and 5th generation or later iPod Touch running iOS7. I was able to pair it with both my iPhone 5 and iPad (4th generation), although I encountered some difficulty pairing a second device (my iPad), possibly because the HISY remote was still connected to my iPhone.

Shoot Away

To take a still photo or record a video, open the Camera app that came installed on your Apple mobile device and select either Photo,” “Square” or “Video.”

Then rest the HISY remote on your index and middle finger and press the button on the remote with your thumb to take a picture. You can take photos one after another by repeatedly pressing the button. Hold the button down continuously to shoot in “burst mode.”

If you’ve set your iDevice to record video, pressing the HISY remote button starts recording. Pressing it again stops recording.

This promotional video from the HISY manufacture shows the HISY in action.

The manufacturer claims that the HISY remote will let you take photos or record video from as far away as 90 feet from your mobile device. I tested it from about thirty-feet from my iPhone and it worked fine.

Battery Life

The standard CR2032 watch battery that powers the HISY remote should last up to two years, even if you shoot 100 photos a day, and getting a replacement should be easy.

No Can Do

Unfortunately, the HISY remote doesn’t let you switch between your device’s cameras or zoom in or out.

No App For That

The HISY remote doesn’t have its on app and it won’t work with other camera or video recording apps unless their shutter or video record functions are based on the Apple mobile device Camera app.

Other than the native iPhone “Camera” app, the photography or video apps that I have installed on my iPhone that work with the HISY remote are Best Camera, Camera Plus Pro, Hipstamatic, Travelgram, Vintagio and YouTube Capture (both for video), and Voyzee (photos and video).

Buy It

You can buy the HISY “Wireless Smartphone Camera Remote” from Radio Shack stores as I did, from Amazon.com, or directly from the manufacturer for $24.99 (plus shipping and tax). Best Buy sells it (online only) for $29.09 (plus tax and shipping).

The manufacturer also sells a similar device called “HALO” which requires an app and works with both Android and Apple devices.

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