When The Cows Come Home

August 20, 2014

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(Join Tales Told From The Road as it continues on a month-long virtual European journey.)

Skipping out of Munich just before Oktoberfest kicked off has proved a double-bonus.

Strike Up the Band! (Almabtrieb Festival, Lechaschau, Austria)

We’ve missed being caught up in hordes of beer-swilling visitors overrunning the city, and stumbled upon a “county fair” version of the homage to that hoppy beverage. The Almabtrieb held just across the river Lech from our hotel in Reutte celebrates the return of the sheep and cows from their summer pastures up in the mountains.

Inside the beer tent the band will be playing, kids will be dancing and running around in front of the stage, and the sudsy brew will be quaffed by a large crowd sitting at long tables.

Beer Tent CollageOutside, pens full of sheep, sheared to the skin, or waiting for their Fall “haircuts”, will be bleating and milling about, bells jangling. Children snacking on cotton candy will roam around the edges of the sheep enclosures.

Sheep CollageAround mid-afternoon, auto traffic on the main highway will be halted for about twenty minutes while a parade of cows and goats and their handlers, along with other folk in traditional garb, and farm equipment, rolls past a crowd standing on the sidewalks or sitting atop walls lining the road. Parade Collage

Tomorrow: Off to Alsace!

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