Battery Can “Swell” and Crack iPhone Screen

August 14, 2014

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Yesterday I pulled out my iPhone to answer a call, and noticed that the left-hand side of the screen appeared to have pulled away from the case, allowing light to “leak” out from inside of the phone.

This puzzled me since I hadn’t dropped the phone recently, and in fact, it was inside of a Mophie Helium battery case that should have protected it from damage during a fall.

A quick trip to the nearby Apple Retail Store solved this mystery: My iPhone 5′s battery was the culprit.


The battery is in a “baggie” of sorts and it had “swollen,” pushing up on the phone’s innards until the screen began to pop loose.

“Plan A” was to replace the battery which a diagnostic test showed was failing despite the fact that it was fully charged, but that was quickly discarded in favor of “Plan B” (giving me a new phone).

Fortunately, the battery problem was still covered under the Apple Care+ two-year warranty plan (a year longer than the basic warranty) that had I purchased when I got the phone.

So if you notice that your iPhone’s case or screen is bulging or has began to split open, head to the Apple Retail Store nearest you as soon as you can to get the problem remedied since there may be a risk that the expanding battery might explode or cause the phone to catch on fire.

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