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April 25, 2014

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Over the years, I’ve bought a bit of especially-designed-for-travelers clothing, which I’ve worn “on the road” and at home, from online and catalog seller, TravelSmith.

In March of 1999, I went to Europe wearing a warm and water-resistant “coat of many pockets” that folded into itself, resulting in a small package that easily fit into my daypack after arriving at the airport, but which I could quickly pull out and don after the plane landed in Paris and Rome.

I’m regularly wear a Gortex rain jacket I bought several years ago at a TravelSmith “factory close-out” sale near my home, and a reasonably priced, dressy leather coat that I ordered from the company.

While browsing TravelSmith’s latest catalog, these three “travel gear” items caught my eye.

imageKnock on wood, I haven’t had any luggage lost by an airline since 1968. But that probably means it’s about time for my suitcase to land at one airport while I deplane at another.

The $19 Trace Me Luggage Tracker luggage tag might help me get reunited with my belongings should United (or another airline) send them to a different destination. IVAR

And the separate set of six Trace Me Trackable Property Labels (also $19) could be attached to the back of my iPad, the neoprene sleeve it fits into, my camera case, and maybe even the back of my iPhone.

Finding a daypack-sized carry-on bag that will help you keep its contents organized so you can easily find and access them during a flight can be a challenge. The $69 IVAR Urban 20 Backpack looks like a choice that would work well for me.

imageOne of my wife’s hotel pet peeves is that there never are enough hangers in the room’s closet to allow us to remove all of the duds we’ve brought with us and hang them up so the wrinkles will disappear without ironing. That means we must either run out and buy some at a local drug or variety store, or call housekeeping and request more be brought up to our room.

A tote-along solution could be the Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers ($19 for 10 shirt plus 10 suit/pants hangers) which TravelSmith says

“have a narrow profile that requires half as much space as plastic hangers. Not only can these virtually unbreakable hangers keep delicate lingerie in place, they’re also strong enough to support winter coats. Colorfast surface is ideal for line-drying damp items.”

TravelSmith sells a wide variety of travel accessories, so you are likely to find one or more items you’ll find useful when you travel on business or for leisure, either on a road trip or by air.


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