Use “Tech” to Plan Valentine’s Day Dinner and a Movie

February 14, 2014

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It’s Valentines Day and you’ve forgotten to plan an evening out with your special someone.

Valentines Day

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Not to worry.

Technology can help you set up a dinner and movie night out.

Pick a Flick

First, find out what’s playing in theater’s near you using either the Fandango Website or its free apps for mobile devices.


Guess what! Endless Love (the movie) is opening today and matches up perfectly (at least conceptually) with what you want from your partner.

Fandango will even let you buy your tickets in advance online so when you arrive at the theater you won’t discover that tickets for the film you wanted to see are sold out, forcing you to say “Sorry, dear. I guess we should have come earlier.”

Feed The Beauty and The Beast

Think you can just show up at restaurant on the evening of Valentine’s Day and be given a table?


You’ll be shown the door and walk out with your tail between your legs.

To avoid that unpleasant experience, use either the OpenTable Website or it its free mobile apps to make your dinner booking. I use OpenTable both at home and when I travel, and unlike when I’ve phoned a restaurant, have never been told “Hmmm…we don’t seem to have reservation for you, Mr. Jordan.”


And OpenTable even lists special offers and menus restaurants are offering for Valentine’s Day.

So don’t delay! Plan your “Dinner and a Movie” date with these Websites and mobile apps so you don’t find yourself spending Valentine’s Day night “in the doghouse”!

(For more apps to help you with romance, check out this Valentine’s Day story in the San Francisco Chronicle.)

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