Smartphones: iPhone Up! Blackberry “Down and Out?”

September 27, 2013

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iPhone-5_thumb.jpgIt’s Fall.

Halloween is a little over a month away.

Thanksgiving comes soon for Canadians, but isn’t that far beyond the horizon for U.S. residents.

But this year, Canada’s RIM (Research in Motion) maker of the BlackBerry, has little to celebrate.

America’s Apple, on the other hand, continues to be thankful for a robust share of the smartphone (and tablet) market and customers lining up outside of its stores to buy its two new iPhone models.As The New York Times reports, even the shiny new BlackBerry Z30 with its bigger-than-iPhone touchscreen may be a too little, too late, to save the company whose flagship product was so addictive to corporate users that it became fondly known as the “Crackberry.”

In “In Arrival of 2 iPhones, 3 Lessons,” David Pogue, tech writer for The New York Times, tells why he thinks that Apple’s two new iPhones demonstrate while smartphone hardware may have matured to the point where each new model is less innovative than some might demand or expect, the software for mobile devices just keeps getting better.

And to follow up on that theme, in a companion piece entitled “Yes, There’s a New iPhone. But That’s Not the Big News,” Pogue says that Apple’s “big deal” this time around is not the new versions of the “5″ phones, but their totally revised operating system,iOS7, which runs on not only those phones, and to at least some extent on the previous iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 models.

Finally, Bits blogger Brian X. Chen provides a recap of the assessment of the new Apple iPhones by six tech writers, including Pogue, who had taken them for a “test drive.” And in a related story, Chen points out that owners of older iPhones and iPads are not hesitating to download the new operating system, despite criticism of it by some experts.

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