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August 8, 2013

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It’s not just the average smartphone owner that uses (now owned by Facebook) the popular Instagram photo sharing service.

National Geographic, the magazine that has been providing readers of its print edition with compelling images of the world for well over a hundred years, now urges them to:

“Follow National Geographic magazine’s official Instagram feed [@natgeo] and see what our globe-trotting photographers are up to. Daily updates include dispatches from the field and unpublished images.”


Since NG is my favorite “travel” magazine, I powered up my iPhone, went to Instagram, and became an @natgeo follower.

Here are three recent Instagram posts by National Geographic.




Instagram is no longer simply a collection of still photos. Earlier this summer it added the ability to use a smartphone to shoot and upload videos. But it doesn’t look like National Geographic is doing so. You’ll have to go to its Website or YouTube Channel to view its videos.

Can’t get enough NG photo stimulation? Not a problem. Just go to Instagram and start following National Geographic Traveler [@natgeotravel] magazine, too. Here’s a NGT photo that mirrors one I recently took of the same subject.


(Tales Told From The Road plans to expand posting of its own photos on Instagram. If you post your travel photos on Instagram, share your Instagram feed in a comment to this post.)

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