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July 5, 2013

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Muzio logo“Muzio” (Free, Apple iTunes App Store) is one of the latest entries into the photo sharing mobile app game.

The app lets you put an annotated montage of still photos, videos, audio clips into an album called a  “Muze,”  which you can then share via e-mail, or post on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and your Google+ Profile.

I took Muzio for a “road test” to see if I could assemble an entertaining “Muze” from photos taken during my trip through Canada’s Rocky Mountain Parks last September.

Here’s what I learned at the end of that virtual journey.

Getting Started

Muze Screenshot 1Although it could do with some improvements, Muzio is quite easy to use.

After installing the app on your iPhone (more later on using it on the iPad), login to Muzio via your Facebook account.

To get started, tap “ADD NEW MUZE” at the top of your iPhone’s screen, and give your “Muze” a title and description.

Then start adding these types of content to your “Muze” by tapping the “+” sign inside a circle:

  • Image (from your iPhone’s Camera Roll or a new photo shot with your phone.)
  • A “Note” (text you enter—I used this to create photo captions).
  • A “Tag” (which might be searchable).
  • A “Quote” (which won’t include quote marks—you’ll have to add those with your text.)
  • Video (from your iPhone’s Camera Roll or a new video shot with your phone).
  • Audio (which you record with your phone).


Muze Screenshot 2Making changes or additions to a “Muze” is pretty simple.

Just tap on something you added and either “Replace” the original content or hit the “X” to delete it.

To add something between two items already in your “Muze,” just use two fingers to spread them apart, then click on the type of content you want to add.

Unfortunately, Muzio doesn’t allow you to use “drag-and-drop” to reorder content within a “Muze.” You’ll have to delete it where you originally placed it, then add it back in where you want it to appear.

I recommend e-mailing yourself a copy of it for proof reading before sharing your “Muze” with others via social media. Viewing a “Muze” on a screen larger than an iPhone will make it easier to catch errors which you can then correct on your iPhone.

Sing or Play It Yourself

Muze Screenshot 3Unlike apps such as Ptch and iMovie, Muzio doesn’t let you add a musical soundtrack to your “Muze” from selections in your iPhone’s music library. So, you’ll have to sing, play an instrument, or talk into the microphone on your iPhone while you record the audio for your “Muze.”

And while you can record multiple audio tracks, whatever audio you do add will play only where it’s been inserted into the “Muze.”

Scroll It, Don’t Play It

Muze Screenshot 4Unlike other apps that let you create multimedia presentation, Muzio doesn’t let you play your “Muze” in a slideshow or video fashion. Instead, viewers with you to scroll vertically through the “Muze” from top to bottom, much as though one would do when viewing a Web page or a series of blog posts.

Videos and audio clips don’t play automatically—viewers have to tap a “Play” button to see or hear that content.

The iPad Experience

Although you can install the Muzio app on an iPad, it won’t rotate from vertical (portrait) to horizontal (landscape) view, which makes it just about impossible to use for selecting and editing content, let alone viewing a completed “Muze.”

Social Sharing

You can share you “Muze” on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and your Google+ Profile.

I didn’t like the way my Muze posted to Facebook. The text box (with the link to my “Muze” on the Muzio Web server) at the top of the Facebook post overlapped the title to my “Muze.”


On Twitter, part of my second photo was cut off, and it wasn’t clear which of two links that were included in the Tweet should be clicked on to view my “Muze.”


And when I clicked on my Pinterest “Pin,” my “Muze” displayed only momentarily before jumping to a Pinterest view which displayed only the photos included in the “Muze.”


The link to my “Muze” and the descriptive text I included appeared when I posted to my Google+ Profile, but none of the photos were displayed, making the post visually uninteresting.


And The Verdict on Muzio is….

Conceptually, the Muzio app is a winning idea, as the following promotional video would suggest. And its ease of use is a big plus.

But drag-and-drop editing of content would be a major improvement, as would the ability to add music.

A “Muze” would be much more entertaining if it could be viewed as a video or slideshow, rather than in the scroll-down format the app employs.

Social sharing leaves something to be desired, particularly on Pinterest where it basically doesn’t work at all.

But for me, Muzio doesn’t hold a candle to apps like Ptch and iMovie which make creating a great visual recap of your trip that will be much more amusing to watch.

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