Keeping Up on News After Google Reader Dies

June 30, 2013

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Bye-Bye, Google Reader

“RSS” (Really Simple Syndication) provides Internet users with a really simple way to create up with news stories, including travel news and features published by Tales Told From The Road.

Googel Reader

Bad news: Tomorrow, Google Reader one of the “RSS readers” that allowed you to follow those stories, is going to die a permanent death.

Good news: That are other RSS readers you can use to replace Google Reader. Here are a few:

  • My Yahoo! (This is one I use.)
  • NetVibes (Another RSS reader I use.)
  • Bloglovin (I’ve recently started using this.)
  • Feedly (USA Today thinks this is the best option.)
  • Digg Reader (Brand spanking new.)
  • The Old Reader (Supposedly has a “Google Reader” look to it.)
  • AOL Reader (Web and mobile, in “Beta” development.)
  • Flipboard (Only works on Apple and Android mobile devices.)
  • Pulse (Web, Apple and Android mobile devices.)
  • Newsblur (Web and mobile devices, $24/year.)

For other suggested RSS readers, check out and this story from Gizmodo.

 How to Add Tales Told From The Road to Your RSS Reader

If you’ve been using Google Reader, your replacement RSS reader may allow you to simply import your Google Reader subscriptions, including the free  from Tales Told From The Road.

If your new RSS reader requires you to manually add RSS feeds, you may be able to add Tales Told From The Road by simply typing it its Website URL:

If that doesn’t work, trying adding the Tales Told From The Road feed address:

Subscribing by E-mail

Whether or not you use an RSS feeder, subscribing to Tales Told From The Road by e-mail is an even better why to keep up with the travel news and feature stories we publish!

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