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January 4, 2013

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Ziplock BagThe daughter of my wife’s cousin found an easy way to get an new cellphone. Celebrating her graduation from college earlier in the day, she dropped her brand new smartphone into a glass of beer, instantly short-circuiting everything inside. Her graduation present to herself: Yet another new smartphone.

A friend and travel writing colleague learned how to fry the guts of an iPhone: Stand on the deck of a boat making its way across the sea and let saltwater spray thoroughly soak it.

But a flexible waterproof case that looks a bit like a Ziploc bag could have kept their smartphones high and dry, and yours can be protected from water damage when you dive into the water to take photos and videos.

Dandy Case iPhone Waterproof CaseDandyCase claims that its waterproof case “is IPX8 Certified to 100 feet (30m). With a secure ‘2 Snap Lock System,’ your device will be secure all day whether you are swimming, relaxing on the beach, boating, or drinking near water.”

The bag has a clear front and back so you can see and access your phone’s touchscreen and use cameras mounted on the front or rear or the phone.

If you are snorkeling or scuba diving in clear tropical waters, you should be able to get some decent photos or videos of your underwater adventures.

The fellow who posted that YouTube video said that the DandyCase he used during a two-week stay on Kauai never leaked, even after he jumped off a cliff and 20-30 feet into the Pacific Ocean. His only recommendation: Hold your smartphone horizontal, not vertical, to get the best video for viewing.

DandyCase advises launching your phone’s photo or video app before diving under the waves where increased water pressure may prevent you from doing so.

A DandyCase from Amazon.com will set you back $13-plus, depending on the model you select. That’s about a tenth of the cost or less of the iPhone camera cases mentioned a month ago in “Shooting “Extreme Travel” iPhone Videos.”

If Christmas shopping drove you over your personal “Fiscal Cliff,” making a trip to Hawaii to go cliff diving with your own DandyCase beyond your means, you can still use the waterproof smartphone bag at home.  Take photos of your kids playing with bath toys in the tub, sing arias from Puccini operas in the shower, or drown your financial sorrows—but not your cell phone— in a glass of beer while watching Alabama duke it out with Notre Dame during Monday night’s nationally televised NCAA football championship game.

(Tales Told From The Road learned about the DandyCase from a Facebook post by travel writer Jen Miner; she and her iPhone took a swim together and both lived to tell about it. Purchases made from Amazon.com through links on this page helps Tales Told From The Road continue to bring you a wide range of travel-related stories.)

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