YouTube Movie Weekend: America’s Cup San Francisco!

August 25, 2012

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You can be virtually transported to anywhere in the world by watching travel videos broadcast on YouTube Channels.

But finding time during your busy work week to tune in for even a couple of minutes at a shot can be difficult, if not impossible! Now it’s “YouTube Travel Movie Weekend” on Tales Told From The Road, so sit down in front of your desktop computer, or better yet, grab your laptop or tablet, settle into your Laz-Boy-Recliner, and watch this week’s travel video selections from the August 2012 America’s Cup World Series on San Francisco Bay.

(Click here if you are using a mobile device)

Click on the top black bar to read a video’s description. Click on the bottom gray bar to choose one of this week’s movies. Clicking a video’s thumbnail plays it in the movie screen window. Click on the gray bar to view the video “Full Screen.”

(Check out our Best Travel Movies page for a list of great cinematic stories.)

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