The Ultimate Travel Deal: The World for Free

May 21, 2012

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We’re Trained to Chase “Deals”

Amazon Costco. Trader Joe’s. They’ve all got us marching to the same drummer, following the Pied Piper in search of the best deals on every imaginable product made under the sun.

Companies that step out of line with this approach do so at their peril.

J.C. Penny learned this lesson the hard way after scrapping its 600-odd special sales promotions per year in favor of an “everyday low prices” scheme. Its customers, trained like Pavlov’s dog to respond to the word “Sale!”, ran out the door in droves, taking their business with them.

But what does our retail discount mania have to do with travel?


Hunting for Travel Bargains

Budget Travel Deals of the WeekHow have travel providers jumped on the “Let’s Make a Deal!” bandwagon?

Airlines fly you for less if you don’t check bags. Rental car companies give you a better rate if you pay up-front instead of when you return the car.

Hotels offer slash published room rates to increase occupancy rates. Online travel sites hawk “daily deals” for travel.

While getting a bargain on travel is fine, paying nothing is even better.

The Ultimate Travel Deal: The World for Free

Travel writer Michael Wigge of Berlin decided to leave home and head to Antarctica.

He might have gone on his journey toward the South Pole by signing up for, or being an invited journalist on, a National Geographic group trip. But that wouldn’t have produced an extraordinary travel story.

Wigge AntarcticaSo Wigge did something no sane traveler would do. He set out with no money in his pockets.

People he met during his trip hauled him about, fed him, and let him bunk in their homes. But he also worked along the way, finding jobs on a container ship, as a pillow fighter in San Francisco, and as a porter at Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes.

Here’s a brief peek at Wigge’s “penniless” odyssey:

Following in Wigge’s Footsteps

So now you’re asking yourself “How can I travel for free?” Wigge Book Cover

Wigge has the answer. But you’ll have to pay a few bucks to get him to tell it to you.

If you are hankering to follow in Wigge’s free travel footsteps, you need to buy either the paperback or e-book version of his book, How to Travel the World For Free, or get it on DVD.

And, by the way: Wigge’s free trip was one-way.  He tapped his bank account to get back home to Germany. So while you might leave home without a single penny in your pockets, down forget to take your American Express card with you.

(Purchasing Michael Wigge’s How to Travel the World For Free, or other products form through the links on this page, helps support Tales Told From The Road.)
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