Travel Canada: “Hanging Out” at Capilano River

April 9, 2012

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(Beginning today, Tales Told From The Road” will run a series of “Travel Canada” stories highlighting destinations and attractions from sea-to-sea.)
Overhead Capilano Suspension BridgeRemember that scene from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom when Jones uses a machete-like sword to cut loose a rope bridge over a canyon, sending “The Bad Guys” flailing their limbs in the air as they fall screaming to their deaths? Well, there’s a place just north of downtown Vancouver, B.C. where you can take a tamer stroll across a suspension bridge, do a real “cliff-hanger” walk, and amble among the tree tops:  Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.

Since 1889,  a suspension bridge has allowed those traveling on foot to cross from one side of the Capilano River to the other.  In 1907, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park opened, charging visitors a fee to tip-toe in mid-air above the waters below.  While you can still make that aerial journey, today the park offers two other off-the-ground “walkabouts.”

On the Tree Top Adventure, you move from tree to tree through a Douglas fir forest, at times 100 feet in the air.

The Cliffwalk, which opened last June, lets you experience the canyon as a rock climber would, but without using ropes or special equipment, as you meander for over twice the length of a football field along a glass-floored catwalk cantilevered off the cliff face, 300 feet above the river.

This one-minute video clip gives you a taste of what you will experience at the park:

(Click here for details on visiting Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.  This 6-minute plus mini-documentary shows the Cliffwalk being constructed.  And to see why at least some Vancouverites forego festooning their homes with strings of lights at Christmas, watch this film of Capilano Suspension Bridge Park during the year-end  holiday season.)

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