Flying in High Style: Pan Am

January 3, 2012

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Today you can find Pan American World Airways on TV, but, except for an exhibit like the one at San Francisco International, not at any airport anywhere in the world.

But as this hour-long documentary “Come Fly with Me” shows, for over sixty years, from October of 1927 until December of 1991, Pan Am flew millions of passengers around the globe in high style.

It was the Boeing 707 that allowed fast, comfortable air travel to come within the reach of the average traveler.  That plane helped launch my personal “Golden Age of Air Travel.”

Did you experience your own “Golden Age of Air Travel?  Tell you story by post a comment below.  And read my tips for making flying a more enjoyable experience in today’s less-than-friendly skies.

(Visit the Virtual Pan Am Museum or to learn more about Pan Am.  The title of the BBC documentary, “Come Fly with Me” is based on the song that American singer Frank Sinatra made famous.  BBC also produced a TV comedy series of the same name.)

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