North To Alaska! Mozart On La Mer

February 15, 2011

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(Dick Jordan spent two weeks traveling throughout Southeast Alaska in June of 2008.  Here’s an edited excerpt from the blog he wrote during the trip; look for more installments in the near future.)

(Saturday, June 14 – Sitka). While we were waiting for our evening tour boat, the Saint Michael, to cast off, we trained our binoculars on the gray waters of Sitka harbor and watched gigantic Stellar Sea Lions either playing or having dinner, or both, just beyond the breakwater entrance to the marina. These were the first marine mammals we had spotted during our stay and they put on quite an animated show for us.

With passengers and musicians embarked, we set off northward to Cedar Cove, a peaceful uninhabited (at least by humans) inlet about 30-40 minutes from Sitka. Wine began to flow, a picnic dinner was served while we were underway, and before long we were hearing the entrancing strains of a Mozart quintet for strings.

No other vessels intruded into our tranquil anchorage where rain fell now and again.  Small Halibut-Wannabee fishes jumped on the surface of this lake-like cove, and little brown birds buzzed by the boat like feathered bumblebees.  After about an hour of bobbing to the music, it was time for dessert, and then our catamaran whisked us back to Sitka while we sipped wine or drank coffee or hot chocolate laced with peppermint schnapps.

It was still daylight when we returned to the dock at 9:30 pm. As I write this post it is not quite 11 o’clock and full darkness probably will not fall for another hour.

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