North To Alaska! Rain, Rain, Go Away!

February 8, 2011

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With no break in the weather today, what’s a tourist to do but put on a rain jacket, grab a hat, and take a hike in the woods. We tossed some duds in the washer at our apartment this morning, had breakfast, put the clothes in the dryer, and drove up the road a mile or so the the estuary where we’d taken a short hike after our on arrival Wednesday afternoon. We strolled along the boardwalk crossing a marshy area surrounding a salmon spawning stream (alas, it was a little too early yet to see the fish), spotted a very colorful warbler, passed a half-dozen or so other “hardy souls” braving the weather, and then looped back to the car.

Totem Pole, Sitka National Historical Park Museum We hopped in the Malibu, turned on the seat heaters (great on a day like today where the temperature was down to 47 degrees) and tooled down the road to the Sea-Mart grocery story to pick up some food to have for lunch back at the apartment. After our repast, we drove back into town to visit the Sitka National Historical Park where a big battle between the Russkis and the native Tlingit (pronounced something like “Clink-It”) took place in 1804. The natives had won round one in 1802, driving the Russians “Out of Dodge”, but aided by a warship they’d gotten from the British, the Russians came back two years later and easily outgunned the Tlingit. The “locals” snuck off in the night and left these parts for twenty years before returning to the their homelands.

Today this park has a nice visitor center with exhibits on Tlingit culture and workshop areas where native craftsmen do weaving, embroidery, and wood carving. Totem poles line a shady path through the forest and along the edge of Jamestown Bay.

We’re back in the town’s public library now where use of a regular computer makes it much easier to write these posts than pecking away on my Palm LifeDrive, and also allows us to check our e-mail, something that’s not at all possible since the e-mail program keeps crashing the Palm gizmo. Unfortunately, we’ve got no way to post more pictures to the blog or the on-line album at this time and probably won’t be able to do so until after we return home.

In about a half hour or so we’ll walk across the parking lot and board on a vessel operated by Allen Marine for our evening cruise, concert, and salmon feed.

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