North To Alaska! Indian Jones (Part Deux)

January 18, 2011

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(Dick Jordan spent two weeks traveling throughout Southeast Alaska in June of 2008.  Here’s an edited excerpt from the blog he wrote during the trip; look for more installments in the near future).

Computer With Man with Question Mark My technology problems continued last night and the last “post” got cut off in midstream. So here’s the finish to that story.

We get 196 channels (or so it seems) on the TV in our rental apartment, but the only thing worth watching was the original “Indiana Jones” movie which, upon seeing it again, turns out to be quite a classic adventure-action flick especially when you’ve got a pepperoni pizza and some wine and beer to go along with it.

The sun set sometime around 10:30 pm (we think — it’s so cloudy here and daylight lasts so long one can’t tell what time of the day it is) on our second day in Sitka. The rain held off until the very end of the afternoon so we stayed dry during our jaunt around town. The forecast isn’t that great for tomorrow, but we’ve learned during our short stay in Alaska that the National Weather Service doesn’t have a clue what the weather really will be like in the short or long term.

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