Travel Fiction: Paradise Lost

April 25, 2010

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  • SumoMe

“Nothing like having the latest in avionics” he said to himself as his AGPS (Advanced GPS) tracking system locked into satellites and provided safe passage downward through the towering cumulonimbi   He switched on the Google Earth display once he reached the bottom edge of the clouds and locked in on the coordinates for the jungle clearing below.

At 1014 UTC his engines automatically throttled back allowing him to gently set down with bending a blade of glass or de-fronding the nearby palm trees.  “Just like Apollo 11” he said to himself as he mentally prepared to make his first footprints on this part of Earth.

Macaws cackled and howler monkeys lived up to their names as he left his craft behind and entered the rainforest.  Although the canopy above was dense the understory was clear and it was not hard to follow game trails through the trees.  Desiccated leaves crackled under his boots and occasionally he heard a slithering sound off to one side or the other of the path.

As the forest began to open up the fragrance of frangipani wafted in his direction on a light breeze.  Thoughts of rum-based drinks in wide-rimmed glasses with little paper umbrellas punctuating slices of fresh pineapple invaded his brain.

The compass on his hand-held device verified that the direction toward his objective was true.  The GPS readout said only 0.67 miles to go.

(Stay tuned:  The story will continue on Thursday).

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